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A Magnificent Fraud

The BookJoshua's autobiography, A Magnificent Fraud: thirty-five years dreaming, is available currently as a PDF for free download (3.4 MB), and in print, from Amazon.com, and other selected retailers.

Often as poetic as it is funny, this is a sojourn into the first thirty-five years of a fellow human being and spiritual traveller. Sexuality, depression, failed relationships, computers, gardening, motorcycling, poetry and meditation, this book has it all.

Candid until the end, the author uncovers a veritable gamut of human emotions, that will resonate with everyone. Not shy of embarrassment, he chronicles a life filled with everything from the lowest despair and personal angst, to the highest elation and impersonal ecstasy. It is a story of unabashed personal transformation. Reflective and insightful, from fear to love, this is his awakening to the sacred.

Clearly a mystic at heart, the author is unapologetic in his conviction, yet humble in his honesty. Eloquent and uncompromising in his prose, he offers a raw and often challenging invitation to the reader. He invites us to ask the difficult questions. Who am I? What do I really know? Why do I care?

This is a book that will challenge your most cherished beliefs.

Against a backdrop of laughter and serenity, we are coaxed to uncover for ourselves a universal truth, buried deep within the human spirit. Rationalist atheist, or an ardent devotee of the Almighty, the truth is open to anyone who is willing and sufficiently interested to look. The fuel for the cremation of our brittle ego is difficulty. The catalyst is insightful abandon, a relentless intimacy – a love beyond limits.

The highest love is merely a matter of self-discovery and unwavering allegiance to the unerring play of life.

“A challenging, entertaining and often mischeivious read.”
Shaun Baba
“Joshua weaves an oft poetic, uncompromising discussion, that offers potent light for self-reflection.”
Ant Kingsford-Smith
“Inspired; from computers to horticulture, this is an insightful epic of personal transformation.”
Vera A. Green