Joshua W. Hawcroft

Self-Realization is the Real

What is real?

The nature of self-realization is to know illusion as illusion. In so doing, you will know the real as real.

In knowing the real, you know the reality of the Self. Misconceptions – false beliefs – about the Self are useless baggage. Misconceptions are not the reality.

To know the real, is to be unconcerned with that which is not.

You cannot ‘know’ the real directly, because it cannot be the object of any understanding – neither intellectual nor inferential. Being the real, it is intrinsically independent of all illusions. Since upon careful inspection, all appearances are found to be illusory, the real cannot therefore be found within any experience.

To know the real is to be empty of all knowing.

What mere idea will satisfy you, in the presence of the real?

All appearances are like ideas. See for yourself. What do you know of the mind, the World and the body, besides their hierarchical appearance?

Perhaps it seems that you believe you are a person, or a brain. Maybe it seems you believe you are an incarnate soul, or a mysterious energy. Take a closer look. Do these beliefs not appear and disappear, like clouds? There are no signs, that are not themselves appearances.

What mere belief will satisfy you, in the presence of the real?

Perhaps it seems that you suffer, or feel pain. Maybe it seems that others suffer, or feel pain. Take a closer look. Where is the sufferer of suffering, if not the appearance of suffering itself? Of what substance are suffering and pain?

Find the real, by clearly identifying the illusory as illusion.

That which you are is real.

Consciousness is not. Agency is not. Time is not. Space is not. Mind is not. Concept is not. Belief is not. Emotion is not. The World is not. Body is not. Brain is not.

Disregard the illusory. Of what significance is illusion to the real?

It is characteristic of Self-Realization, that simultaneous with recognition of the real, there is the recognition that it has always been realized. Never could it have been any other way: for the Self-Realized is beyond all perception and limitation.

Simply, be as you are.