Joshua W. Hawcroft

Self-Realization is Not a Mystery

There is a significant mystique around the discourse of self-realization.

Many devout persons have become lost along the way, confusing the apparition of mystical states, visions and ecstatic trance, for that which is real. Maya is like an onion - it is all skins and no substance. Within the Mind, there is no ending to the layers of illusion.

Spiritual illusions are as intoxicating to the being who would claim ownership, as they are to the person who is stupefied by mere account of such phenomena.

That which is real cannot be found within the imaginary.

The Self is not mysterious. It is intimated and available at all times, in all places, without condition. No practice will take you closer to it.

All practices are intended to enable the folly of the one who is supposedly seeking himself, to be clearly and unambiguously discerned. There can be no other worthwhile purpose.

From the standpoint of the apparent person, the real is simply ejected from all egoic constructs. The personal self is an idea only - the root of all delusion is belief to the contrary. From the standpoint of the Self, there is recognition within the dreaming that the dreamer, the dreaming and the dreamt are all equally unreal.

What use has the real, for knowing anything? It has none; the real is, period.

Self-realization is absurdly simple. So simple, in fact, that it seems perversely difficult. There cannot really be any communication of it, because that which would be communicated is so 'whole' as to be without any object of comparison. The Self cannot be objectified. Communication itself implies multiplicity, and there is none. Moreover, it is intrinsically inescapable.

There are no questions:

The reality that is the ever-present Self extinguishes questions and distortions on contact. The imaginary cannot survive an encounter with the real.

Having no questions, there is no mystery. Mystery is merely a faux un-recognition.

Consciousness is the doorway to the real. What are you, if not that which knows consciousness? Of what significance are the phenomena of consciousness, to that which knows?

Do not accept and repeat second-hand information! Memory is second-hand information. Recognise the witnessing - always directly - always now. When have you ever been other than that which knows consciousness?

You have not.

See the doorway first-hand. Life is happening Now. There is no past, nor any future. Really, there is not even any Now.

Seeing is understanding. Understanding is liberation.