Joshua W. Hawcroft

The Reality of Everyday Living

Self-realization in everyday living, is quite mundane – quite ordinary.

For what, is whom seeking? Is 'somebody' waiting for trumpets in the sky, or for a sudden and immaculate shift in conscious perception? These things may or may not appear. Of what significance is it, to the real?

Living is washing the dishes. Living is defecating. Living is cutting nails. Of what significance is it, to the real?

The personal attempting to become real is destined to be a sinking ship. Throw overboard that which is not personal. The real is not personal. It is not for the person. The weight of the real is far too great a responsibility for an imaginary entity.

Mind must understand how to submit. The mind that does not understand submission, has not examined its own workings and appearance to a sufficient depth, and has not come to face its own unreality. A mind that does not understand submission is overbearing.

The mind is merely a reflection of the Self. No appearance will stain the mirror. Though a disturbed mind will distort the reflection.

Functioning is always automatic. If there is a belief in the reality of the person, functioning is automatically dischordant. If there is no belief in any reality, having extinguished all illusory entities wherein such a belief could be harboured, functioning is automatically harmonious. That is it.

Joy needs no approval from a fictious entity. Nor will any emotion meet resistance upon total absorption within the real – this is Love.

Of what significance is any of it, to the real? The imaginary is of no concern.

Relaxation of mind is the recognition that the Self alone is real. No effort is required – activity and inactivity happen automatically. Relaxation is not the absence of activity, merely the absence of mental tension, echoing the realization of the Self.

The real has no need of knowing how. It just Is.