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Nostalgia Corner

Apple Macintosh Classic II Welcome to the nostalgia corner!

The computer to your right was the first personal computer I would come to call my own - a 1991 Apple Macintosh Classic II (photo courtesy of Wikipedia.)

Quite fond am I, of the early Macintosh line of personal computers. Computers from the late 1980s and early 1990s are mere toys by the standards of today; a modern smartphone has thousands of times the raw computing resources and power. While contemporary computing is in many respects, technically superior, the user experience has often changed for the worse.

See For Yourself

One advantage of contemporary computing is the raw hardware performance. As such, it is possible to emulate old hardware (such as the Mac seen above), often running many times faster than the real thing.

Online. You can try or re-live the vintage Mac experience in your web browser (at the Internet archive), or on James Friend's website.

Local. Alternatively, you can re-live the classic Mac experience on your laptop or desktop computer. Though finding all the necessary components may take a little effort. (Copyright concerns have traditionally made it difficult for people to host everything in one place, though that seems to be easing as the decades roll-on, and there is recognition of the preservation of our digital history.)

Printed Manuals

There is a wealth of documentation now available, online, from the period. VintageApple.org has a long list of digitised old manuals and user guides. In the early days of personal computing, most documentation took the traditional 'dead-tree' form.