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The Distilled Essence of Self-realisation

Regarding the search of Man for the divine, for the sacred, and for the ultimate Truth:

The importance of the personal narrative is no more than the importance of any work of fiction. The emotional and conceptual reality of the individual is no more real than the emotional and conceptual reality of this sentence – that is, there is no emotional and conceptual reality belonging to, or contained within, the individual.

The individual, and the emotional and conceptual perceptions conventionally attributed to it, are merely appearances within an impersonal and unconstrained reality. That this is so, is neither a belief, nor the introspection of a particular state of mind. The truth is always immediately evident – one simply has to look as the eyes look and to hear as the ears hear.

Self-realisation is to recognise and abide as this truth. To recognise this simple truth is to see that the mind is an illusion that cannot help you, nor is there any you in need of its help. To abide as this truth is to be unshackled by the burden of belief, judgement, division, desire and suffering – to taste always of the sweetness of the eternal mystery.

Self-realisation is compassion; the unrestrained flow of this love that surpasses all understanding, toward the appearance of suffering.

“What am I ?”

Examine that which you are – the essential nature of that which is looking ; Examine what you think you are – at what appears to be looking.

The only pre-requisite to this contemplation, is the sincere willingness to die to the truth.

The path with effort is illusion; the path without effort is illusion.