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The Nonduality of Self-realisation


The predominant understanding of the self is a fiction. Self-realisation is the immediate and unassailable discernment of this fiction.

Self-realisation is to see clearly any belief, intuition or phenomena that could be misconstrued as an accurate reflection of the character of the self.

Self-realisation is prior to mind.

The approach to self-realisation is direct experiential inquiry into the essential nature of the self.

Self-realisation corresponds to the complete cessation of the pathology of humanity – and of being.


Nonduality is an evocative characterisation of the ultimate nature of reality. It is an instrument of discourse, to be recognised by the seeker of self-realisation.

Reality is non-dual – that is, not two; reality is unitary.

Self and reality are one. The nature of reality is unitary in the absolute, without exception.

As an absolute unity, there is no-thing. Thing-ness is a phenomenon of the conceptual mind. The separate personal self, the World, all beings and the mind itself, exist in concept only.

Self-realisation is to see this clearly – the pathology of humanity is the embodiment of an identity that does not accord with this reality.

No Separation

Experiential and spontaneous realisation of the self, is simultaneous with the insight that the separate self is merely a pattern of functioning.

The reality of the separate self is entirely conceptual – the personal self has no substantive independent reality, be it human or otherwise.


Psychological suffering and all problems share a common root. The root of this pathology is the embodiment of belief in the substantive reality of the separate self.

Behaviour that flows from this misunderstanding is instrinsically confused with respect to reality, and dysfunctional with respect to its own premises.

All suffering implies a belief in separation. All problems are a human construct.

The purpose of self-realisation is the truth. The symptom of self-realisation is the cessation of pathology.

Not Philosophy, Not Religion

The nondual nature of reality is neither a philosophy nor a religion – it is neither a system of thought nor a doctrine of belief.

Nonduality is simply the way reality is.

That it may appear otherwise is a function of the correct operation of conceptual mind, given incorrect premises.

Nonduality is not speculative; it is actually abundantly evident always. Conceptions of reality may readily suggest otherwise until the relationship between conception and reality is seen clearly.

Self-realisation teachings are an artefact to amplify the dissonance between assumed identity and actual identity, such that beliefs about self are discarded. Finally, no alternative replacement beliefs are constructed.

Belief in Nonduality is neither necessary nor useful; a belief in Nonduality is a pathology. Nonduality is simply and always what remains, when the fictitious is exposed.


There is no end to the arising of questions within the personal context.

The brevity and simplicity of these words is not indicative of a lack of consideration, nor a lack of insight, nor a lack of critical self-reflection – the author is quite familiar with the wide gamut of questions that arise in this discourse. That there is no inline discussion is merely an editorial decision in the interests of precision and clarity.

Discussion can be found elsewhere.

If you are serious or in doubt, ask, but do not assume.