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Today I dare not be,
Tired and fatigued,
I write and must not stop,
Lest my words flee without me.
Today I am deficient.

Tomorrow I will rest,
I will feast upon my words,
Satisfaction ever fleeting,
I begin to wonder,
What next?

Tomorrow I will seek,
The next search for another week,
After that which came, surely there must be more?
Suddenly I am not sure.
I am lost,
I know it now,
Today I must be bleak,
For today I do not have, what I must surely seek.
There goes another week!

As the sun sets once more,
And darkness descends upon me,
I realise I have found it!
It was never lost.
A sunset does not yearn for tomorrow.
Today is all.
Even in sorrow, I am complete.