Joshua W. Hawcroft


Joshua is an author, trainer, mystic and philosopher.

After a profound contemplative experience in 2014, Joshua has since been writing and thinking about the big questions of human life. Joshua writes about self-realisation, nonduality, contentment, fulfilment, meaning, God, love, sanity, compassion and the search for spiritual truth.

A citizen of Australia, Joshua was born in Adelaide in 1983.

Joshua has worked in software engineering, administration, emergency medical, training, retail and technical writing roles.

In his spare time, Joshua sometimes enjoys listening to jazz and hanging out with plants.

Other interests include humanity, deviance, social justice, advocacy for the socially disadvantaged, applied technology, free software, user experience, motorcycling, flight, herbalism, gardening, peace, philanthropy, minimalism, sustainability, shamanism, song, fine art, writing, laughter and teaching.

A Magnificent Fraud: thirty-five years dreaming - a spiritual autobiography; a tale of (re)awakening to the sacred.

The Big Questions - Self-realisation

This website is about probing the big questions of life:

Who am I? Why am I here? What should I become? How do I know? Where am I going? Why should I care? What is our fate? How am I free? How do I live a good life? Why is there suffering? Can I, should I, be happy?

What does it mean, to say something is sacred? And how is asking such questions relevant to everyday life?

This section is an evolving dialogue, between you and I. Ask a question.

Other Curated Resources and Hobby Interests

Like life, this website is a play in progress.

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